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LONDON May 6 news: According to "Morning News" reported that three days ago, in Shanghai, the most bustling commercial street - Nanjing Road, the two "cattle" in the clashes near the mall. Finally, the optical head, "Aaron" by "small flat head" Lian Tong several knives, down in a pool of blood, died.
 Video: cattle at the mall shopping with cash cards are accomplices stabbed Source: Dragon TV "Look East"
This together with the murder of another world would also pull out of the water. "Cattle" dead, what is?
"Cattle": "do this line, there is not a fight between"
● "Sites said," brought out "cattle rivers and lakes," the "tip of the iceberg." So, under the iceberg, what else?
"Cattle" Mussina hunched, his eyes riveted on the New World mall entrance. This is at 15:00 on the May 4, from the homicide, but 24 hours. Once someone asked about the case, Mussina will be "I do not know." It appears that he and his two partners is more like a sentry here, instead of doing business, to earn money.
With a "cattle" in the Huaihai Road, Parkson Arabic, much easier. His "office" during the holidays, there will be coupons, points,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/waiwai/dw-5600cs-9.html, up by over a hundred other activities, the popular Shanghai white-collar workers of all ages. At that moment, he took aim at the ready to check out a male customer at checkout.
"Sir, I use VIP to help pay for Lennon, okay?" "Otherwise, the plot points to help me, how can I?" Arvin approached smiling. The latter did not wait to react, ask Arabic, "a total of a few tin?" "5100 yuan." "So, you give me 5050 yuan, to cash Oh the other, I'll get." Yuehua Jian, to Arabic cashier efforts Nuzui.
Sleepwalk, male customers agreed. Arabic check card, credit card, pay to complete all the steps. Finally, he did not forget to add that, "as long as 5050 yuan, Lennon give $ 50. Well, back to you."
The same rivers and lakes, there are different sites. After the murder, which is the difference embodied in the "cattle" mentality. Arabic, he said: "We are not going Mussina there, they do not come here, mind your business." He said, "We and Nanjing Road Landmark are together, but and the East Building, Wing On Department Store is not the way out. this thing, it was a reminder, be careful recently. wind tight! "
In fact, even with a commercial, there are turf wars "this circle basically Shanghai people are doing." As for that area of Xujiahui district,nike tn pas cher, there have been local, foreign "cattle" coexistence. These claims, however, has always been confirmed.
Li Jiangsu home, the summer of 2006 to Shanghai to work, often in the vicinity of Nanjing East Road,http://kujiraduki.fakefur.jp/new/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=40/, No. 800, East Building do "cattle" business. He explained that usually is limited to cooperation between individuals, "the relationship simple is best, some people want to pull my 'work', I thought, forget it."
Mike scruples,moncler outlet milano, in case of competition for the site, will fight between the "cattle", "I am naturally timid, the sight of blood on the halo."
Rules: You can not discount the price higher than the original acquisition
● There are sites, must have its "rules", and the consequent "Wild grievances."
"Cattle" "little inch head," the evidence seems to be an adventure memory. Nanjing Road,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-35w-h11-187.html, Huaihai Road, a public "cattle", the "little inch head" figure is not high, he was not a local, from Hubei. The character is often simply to let the "little inch head" scare BenBu beautiful young lady came to checkout, and thus missed a lot of business.
However, he wins in hard. According to insiders arrangement, a commercial, open for business from the final closing, there are always two or three people take turns "on duty." In this case, "little inch head" like a bee, early in the morning to the months of commercial floor until other "colleagues" came, before going upstairs. Of course, he would occasionally complain, "upstairs is not good, no one to pay, as the following."
So hard, one for business, more importantly, not lose their own sites. "Because once you walk away, the checkout nobody, other 'cattle' will prowl into account."
In this regard,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001124134.html, "the little inch head" has been there himself. Two years ago, in late June 2009, Huaihai Road, a shopping mall coupons held activities outside a "cattle" to higher than originally given a good discount vouchers to customers acquired, the result was beaten internal bleeding, sternal fracture. Because, in this original commercial buildings around the months of "cattle" that this "break the rules", then shot. Later, Luwan District Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of trouble in the crime of stakeholders prosecution.
"I did not remember that he played, people pushing and shoving. Who knows hurt so heavy?" Involved in this "small-inch head," he muttered was a man falsely. He said they would not Zaihen a knife, at most fist.
"Small-inch head," "Wild rules" are found to have described in the previous show. In May 3, Nanjing East Road near the murder five years ago staged a similar "cattle" Battle. Finally, the "little inch head" Suggest a name, "buy a card, you might look for him."
The name, what is hidden?
Level: Level distinction see "word of mouth" and "popularity"
● fat that some people are too young, but even the "cattle" is also not succeed.
Rather, the name is a "company." There are many e-commerce sites on its Introduction - the main business of cosmetics wholesale, consumer mention shopping vouchers, but are not "third-party certification."
Based on these pages, the same company has got three different contacts. Eleven contact, a no answer, one close to Huaihai Road, another near Xujiahui. Find the second address, the other party is directly denied the "little inch head" I have recommended this company. Had contacts simply say,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001008332.html,moncler pas cher, quit this job yourself early.
After switching on the last address, phone a male voice said something: to meet to talk about!
"Company" in the city center in a luxury real estate, two bedrooms and two living rooms. Master bedroom and the hall was transformed into an office. A fat, strong stomach, a gold chain on his right hand, then sat innermost room, the kitchen table three mobile phones,piumini moncler, Smart, ok cards, fuel cards and other cards, there is a mini card reader. A free, fat will pick up a "Smart" into the card reader, see how much balance left, one by one record.
"How to find me?" Fat asked, cell phone, ask how many goods out there, how much deduction rate, when shipped. Speaking of May 3 that a "cattle" thorn "cattle" homicide, fat man took out a published yesterday morning, he said: "Today newspaper Teng wrong, not a 'small flat head', but 'large flat head,' I know them long ago. "
In the "cattle" rivers and lakes, it has a number of levels. The first is the distinction between levels of standard "word of mouth" and "popularity." It seems so fat, "Aaron" and "flat head" to fight a regular customer, it ended up this way, no, not as good as the aforementioned Arabic. Another is responsible for some high shipments "cattle", he wanted to receive from around the shopping card and gift vouchers to the boss here.
"So, do you think, what am I rank it?" Fat man chuckled, asked. "Some people did not break out into the mall was very collapse." Fat man said, as typing hit, becoming an apprentice.
At this time, a number of new "goods" arrived,http://www.msknet.com/bbs/mbbs.cgi, the big black bag "Wow" to open, stuffed with Kristin coupons, ok card.
Solo could not hold it for two months
● Zhang: the main business in Zhangyang, Fuk Road intersection to the sale of all types of consumer cards and ticket prices have advocated to stay in familiar territory, do not easily intervene in someone else's field.
He actually only 42 years old, but the wind and the sun side of the road for many years, dark face feels has more than 60 years, so people called him "Mr. Chang."
Zhang is Nantong people, she came to Shanghai 12 years ago, playing odd jobs after more than two years followed by fellow entrants stem from the occupation "cattle."
10 years later, Zhang remained at Zhangyanglu, Fuk Road junction, the sale of various types of consumer cards and has a price ticket. Zhang told reporters, Zhangyang generation "cattle" is basically his fellow Nantong.
Telling anyone asked whether to sell cards
Reporters noted that when a customer approached expressed cards for sale, there is no case of the emergence of each other over customers. In this regard, Zhang explained, we are all brothers, equivalent to colleagues, and a business also earned hundreds of dollars, no need to rush. He went on to say, we are all in this inner circle of acquaintances, when you see a familiar face when someone will go up or ask for. "This line of 'water' is too deep, the couple would like to come in hard to get a foothold. And insiders know, stay in their own familiar turf of the safest, do not easily intervene in someone else's field." Speaking of 10 years of "cattle" career emotion Wan Qian, also very glad that they did have a fellow lead the way.
"In the beginning do 'cattle' s hard day,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001153556.html, telling anyone stepped forward to ask whether there are other cards to be sold, if the other party willing to sell, will be chasing all the way and hold. Then he is a rookie, listen to what fellow , to close the card can also be treated to the villagers, the profits of which is very small. there have been cases of conflict between strangers counterparts, but in the end by the villagers come forward to solve. "
Printed business cards, Alipay account
Later, Zhang also learned to distribute business cards, sell him a card to each customer distribution, he began to build their customer base. When the intersection of Lianhua Supermarket removed, many colleagues have moved to other places, but Zhang continue to adhere to "positions." Zhang believes that although the supermarket torn down, but a lot of people know this place, "cattle" when they have a need or will find here.
Zhang told reporters, and now he collected a wide range of things, as long as there is a price cards and coupons are collected. His business card is the rise of "Zhang zone tickets Services Ltd.", also printed above their station opened Taobao, Alipay account and so on.
For how to recycle items shot issue, Zhang smiled and said: "not convenient to say too much, but there are many treatments, the most direct is to 'the family'." For "the home" of the topic, Zhang obviously do not want to talk about, only that the card can be recovered by a shop or a familiar customer sales. Zhang said, although it must stop street every day, but the day was significantly easier than before, no pressure, can have income of 4,000 yuan a month or so.
Do alone, two months "closed"
Speaking of the original how to enter this business, Zhang immediately shook his head, '' cattle 'when you can not want to be in this line of' water 'is very deep, and if you are out of their own income, someone Zhibuding 'take care of' you, even if nobody 'care' you, the business will be very light,http://www.novalug.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi, not two months, not survive. "
Speaking of what is meant by "care", Zhang strange smile, "I know everything."
On Life
People that foot the expense is a blessing
● Li: The main business is near Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, sometimes with the help of people in the clothing business presentation and sale of small items, advocated people to be content.
Yesterday afternoon, the "cattle" assassination massacre took place near the Nanjing East Road 800 East Building, 5 men and 3 women were whispering together day situation, in which a man turned down a newspaper, always silent. When a reporter asked about the situation, "Aaron" and "small flat head", the others immediately rush to leave, only he still sits where head down, suddenly told reporters: "brothers how, is how to partner , not because of the money he turned his face? "
Man claiming to Li. He said that just left 7 people, are regarded as "Aaron" and "small flat head" peers, "Of course, I was."
Li Jiangsu home, the summer of 2006 to Shanghai to work, done plastics, barbecue restaurant in the evening put clothing stalls. Late last year a chance, he was walking in the street, Nanjing Road met a fellow card received ok, "I sold him a ok every card to earn 20 yuan." Li feel so good, "free time, but also easily . "
Chinese New Year, the villagers said that the home is not over, parting the closing on the home phone cards to him. Li and the other in contact several times, the villagers feel better too, simply their own "pioneering Resources": go to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street collection card.
Talk to him daily income now, Li smiled and refused to speak. Reporters repeatedly asked, he answered very reluctantly:. "Enough to eat and take the subway every day also left a seventy to eighty dollars," he said, those who have just left, there are a few with him, "I want to do business We have to have, and sometimes when they receive a cash card is not enough, I'll take them a few hundred dollars, so down, they will also gradually introduce some customers on home and receive the card to me. "However, Li stressed that he only limited cooperation between individuals.
Li said, Nanjing Road pedestrian street also found new opportunities to make money, "Some customers want me to introduce them to the clothing store to buy clothes, I could get commission when no business, catch up with the rain, I helped them sell umbrellas, sold one to my two yuan. "
"People know enough, money was one yuan one yuan earn one dollar one yuan to save, and sometimes really a contradiction, and gas point, tolerate some, a disadvantage is a blessing. Why should this happen ......" Besides from the "Aaron" and "small flat head" , Mike shaking his head.
On Vocational
It is called "cattle" face embarrassing
● Presbyterian: Main activity in the vicinity of Shanghai Stadium, due to help her daughter get concert tickets pitch "cattle" line of business, mainly on business through friends and relatives, advocates freedom, free.
And former Presbyterian first met, in Taobao search for his phone number. After dial out background sound turned very noisy, "I am not a computer before, you come to Shanghai Stadium, give me the money, I direct you to vote!"
The Shanghai Stadium, the reporter called his phone again, this time he was working with a group of "cattle" in "communication."
Presbyterian see a reporter, openly handed out a card, marked "Chen" and his title: "ticketing agent", followed by the acquisition of a business card printed tickets and cards.
Reporters found that Lao Chen himself is tickets. He explained that it is to receive from the neighbor there, "they did not have time to read, I received over 40 yuan, 60 yuan only sell you, if then two days before, I want to sell this ticket 100 yuan."
Lao Chen said his 47-year-old, two years ago suffered a work injury, then simply quit her job. On one occasion, he helped her get back in line to buy concert tickets. On that occasion, he was first exposed to the "cattle", from the row.
Lao Chen said he initially relatively narrow scope of business, collection card coupon is limited to neighbors and close family, relatives and relatives as well as neighbors, "money is secondary, the key is a flat space-time bored uncomfortable, out of the way around . "Lao Chen said that each time to get the ticket not many, once before the show,nike air max 90, the game can not be sold, it is linked to the Internet transfer with her daughter's account, often to find customers.
Because often dealing and acquaintances, Presbyterian feel old face being called the "cattle" face very embarrassing, to find store box cards printed: "this life back to the first printed business cards, company name or hold back for a long time can not think small female typist shop easily transferred to a ticketing agent business card template, I changed a few words and a phone number. "
Chuaizhuo cards, Presbyterian think a lot of heart at ease. He told reporters that half a year, by neighbors and relatives and know a lot of people, received cards and coupons are also more up, "The key is introduced to acquaintances or to collect, more comfortable, do not worry get counterfeit money or the card is transferred packet. "" What do receive, very casual. "Lao Chen also stressed that when the" cattle "is to find something to do. Better income than in the unit, the unit than a month earn 1,000 yuan a month earn two or three thousand times, very satisfied.
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