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March 19, 2010,parajumpers pas cher, Chen Sheng-Wei Hengnan County Civil Affairs Bureau, lesions induced by long-term overload of work, life never fixed. Profile picture sound Chen Wei (left) during his lifetime in the car and visit town martyred. Correspondent photo Chen Sheng-Wei (middle) to needy people at home in sympathy with the masses Cuxitanxin.
Two days before his death, he was working at the provincial Civil Affairs Department report, with the driver said, "I have to buy cold medicine." Early the next morning to get up, he saw his wife wearing a shirt in the top coat, know something bad, the people have illegible him to hospital.
March 19, 2010, Chen Sheng-Wei, the incumbent Hengnan County Civil Affairs Bureau, because of long-term work overload coma induced liver disease, life forever fixed at 52 years.
Newspaper reporter Zhang Ying Hengnan reports
Only -6 degrees Celsius temperatures, snow falling in the shoulder, gradually cemented ice. Everyone says, Chen Sheng-Wei black forehead was terrible,http://www.vatandownload.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-search.cgi, advised him to go home and rest a while, but who persuaded useless ......
Relief: he will appear every time a disaster
The time of day back in 2006, "Bilis" caused by the floods, Chen Sheng-Wei has traveled nine towns Lei water along the coast. A disaster in every place, there will be grades D12228 white Mitsubishi car, inside filled his boots and straw hat. He organized the transfer of trapped people, emergency dispatch emergency funds and materials, several days and nights have not slept, clothes, hair knot from a layer of dirt.
Fee Ming Liao Tian Qiao town Party committee member and former director of the Home Office, he clearly remembers the disaster somewhat stabilized, Director Chen led the nuclear disaster reconstruction team depth village, "he told the people: Chen Wei sound in, you have to ensure that everyone eat have room to live. "less than six months, the whole of the affected people moved into a new house. Liao franca because several villages settlements made effective achievements, the Ministry of Civil Affairs expressed the recognition and praise, also the country's reconstruction work was held in Hengyang given spot.
Qianshan county county party secretary Zhou recalled, during the ice storm of 2008, they put dry food and water to stranded passengers in the hands of highway personnel. Those days, Chen Sheng-Wei Zhou Shuji impression to be "seen him slept." At that time, the team was a length of fallen power lines stopped his path was cut off high-voltage ten minutes time, most people had fallen asleep, except the sound Wei Chen on the phone layout work aloud.
Long-term overload of work, so that the sound Wei Chen pushed to their physical limit. In the unit, he never mentioned that they have cirrhosis. Because exude Smell, he explained that "a little bit of HCV." Until the last moment of his life, Dr. Chong colleagues also angry: "? How hepatitis C is so severe."
People First: Every nursing home must lift the lid look back
Chen Wei sound that news of the death, the cries of a nursing home in the town of cages. Memorial day, in addition to walk the elderly, you can go all went.
We all remember, Director Chen at any time, the nursing home built flower beds and gazebo. The director never abandon the elderly, a meeting to shake hands, chat, also accompanied dinner. He also said that in the future their old, also live together with everyone. New Year's,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/s-tops-45-menscasual.html, every man can receive 100 dollars ......
Chen Sheng-Wei Xie master drivers know, go back every nursing home,piumini woolrich, the Secretary should lift the lid and look at mustard jar. "He would have taken half a month time to the countryside, to see the old man."
Chen Sheng-Wei took office early, the county nursing home is only about 150 people, has now reached 1098, his total of more than 10 million yuan of funds for the nursing home. Provincial Civil Affairs Department Yu Changming emotion: "I find every Presbyterian, straight to the point is to money."
Chen sound Wei tenure of eight years, Hengnan county civil affairs funds increased from the initial 13 million yuan of nearly 100 million yuan, the target beneficiaries from 1.5 million to 8 million people.
Discipline: "standard is the standard."
Recall the days of travel along Director Chen,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001028468.html, Liu Kang Hengnan Civil Affairs Special Care Unit, he said: "For three or four days is eat noodles, eat bread."
In 2007, Chen Sheng-Wei led Beijing to talk about the project, before leaving to let Liu Kang to inquire about friends and relatives in Beijing, where the cheapest hotels. That within two tricyclic rate is at least 300, said Chen Wei sound too expensive, and finally chose a hostel outside the Fourth Ring.
Treat yourself and loved ones, Chen Sheng-Wei has been stingy. His hand nearly 100 million civil money Hengnan County Civil Affairs Bureau also has built office buildings, etc. County Welfare Centre project. But at home reunion dinner table, a little brother put forward the idea of contracting works, he put down the chopsticks: "This can not help busy, or lead the masses will tell me." Brother's father had lung cancer spent tens of thousands of dollars, he granted only 2,000 yuan, he said, "this standard is the standard."
However, there are difficulties in the treatment of the people, Chen Sheng-Wei did not stint. After completion jiankouzhen nursing home, he arrived at the scene and asked what difficulties the beneficiaries of old people there. Everyone says, to live on such a nice house, life did not think. Five elderly Xie Chen Sheng-Wei nine holding hands and murmured a "quilt broken." Chen Sheng-wei said immediately to the nursing home to provide 50 sets of new bedding. Happy old people do not know what to say.
"People First Secretary" - recordable Hengnan County Civil Affairs Bureau, Chen Sheng-Wei
When he is gone, a time when flowers are brilliant, the life forever fixed in 52 years.
Chen Sheng-Wei, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau Hengnan. He spared no efforts to own, establish a communist Edmonton, close to the people, for the people of the image of public servants, people affectionately call him "People First Secretary." Recently, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and Hengyang Municipal Committee Hengnan were issued for the decision to learn from him, and also posthumously Hengyang Municipal him as "loving model" honorary title.
"Funding problems are not resolved, how can I recuperate heart ah!"
- Sound Wei Chen fell ill in the orphanage building
March 19, Hengyang City, Third People's Hospital ward 3.
People feel dignified atmosphere of the room. We are semi-conscious state of Chen Sheng-Wei lying in bed, frown, his mouth whispered softly: "planting trees orphanage ...... ......"
Waiting aside colleague Jianggui Yun tears DC. He knew Chen Sheng-Wei last care is the county welfare center construction mop and greening work.
Back in 2006, see the county welfare,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=70&page=2, Invalides remoteness, outdated facilities, living in poor conditions inside the elderly, Chen Sheng-Wei will be brewing in the vicinity of the county build a new set of children's welfare, the glorious homes, nursing home centers, rescue station and apartments for the elderly as a whole, synthesis welfare center can accommodate 300 people.
From planning, siting, design,veste canada goose, construction, he was all hands. Project started in the first half of 2008, due to financial constraints, it plans to three years to complete. In order to be admitted as soon as possible to let the elderly and children new homes, run around him, literally in just one and a half years the financing of 15 million yuan of funds.
Earlier this year, the main welfare center project completed ahead of schedule, remaining apartments for the elderly and greening facilities not yet completed, there is little funding gap. Chen Sheng-Wei decided to go to the provincial Civil Affairs Department "alms." March 15, in Changsha ready to go the night before, he suddenly felt ill, go to a clinic injections, met happened to be his brother. Looked at sweating, his face blackened Chen Sheng-Wei, brother advised him to rest, do not travel far. Chen Sheng-Wei said: "money does not solve the problem, how can I recuperate heart ah!"
The next afternoon, after the bureau arrangement of the work, he still went to Changsha. The next day, after listening to the sound report Chen Wei, the leadership of the provincial Civil Affairs Department construction of welfare centers and fully affirmed and expressed support. Chuaizhuo happy, Chen Sheng-wei day back Hengnan. I did not have time to tell the good news to his colleagues, he coma due to liver disease, was admitted to the hospital, never up.
In order to build welfare centers, Chen Sheng-Wei ran out the last drop of effort.
"A Good Man is gone, not to send a delivery, uneasy!"
- Elderly heart sound Wei Chen
March 22,tn requin pas cher, Chen Sheng-Wei off for the day.
That day, the funeral parlor crowded with relatives, colleagues, leadership, there are many concerns that he had helped the needy people.
85-year-old nursing home town cages elderly Qin bought a homemade firecrackers, more than 20 elderly people with courtyard together rushed to the scene. Homemade Qin said: "Director Chen is a good man a good man is gone, not to send a delivery, uneasy.!"
In memory of the elderly, almost every month to see Chen Sheng-Wei kindly smile. Lunar New Year's Day this year, Chen Wei early in the morning to the sound of the nursing home, with the driver from the car to move at a military coat, distributed to each of the hands of the elderly. He told the old people: "This cold days, the bureau added especially for each person with a military coat, and had a warm and Chinese New Year." After busy, he as usual to view the respective housing. One elderly incontinence courtyard, the room smell very heavy, Chen Sheng-wei can persist into the room, to accompany the elderly chat, he told the staff to take care of the elderly live. The staff arranged a breakfast in town, Chen Sheng-Wei declined, but to share their own bread dumplings with old people. On this day, a nice old people very happy. But they did not think it was actually the sound of Chen Wei-life last Spring Festival.
80-year-old nursing home Town Quan Zhang Xiansheng five guarantees, on crutches, wiping away tears, rushed to the scene: "benefactor ah, you go too early, God unfair ah!"
Elderly remember, August 13, 2008 afternoon, he had a stroke in urgent need of hospital treatment. When we worry about the vehicle, near the town being visited Chen Sheng-Wei learned of the situation, immediately sent the driver to drive the elderly to the hospital and told carefully, "the town clinic poor medical conditions, must be sent to the county hospital." Since timely rescue, the elderly turned the corner. Thereafter,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/waiwai/prg-500-1.html, every time the countryside, Chen Sheng-Wei will buy some fruit, nutrition,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-70wu-h4rl-422.html, on the way to visit the elderly.
"Civil Affairs cadres on behalf of the government and the poor people deal done good work, directly related to the image of the government. We have always led the masses hearts, so that they fully feel the warmth of the party and the government." This is Chen Sheng-Wei during his lifetime often say .
Chen Sheng-wei in the order of relics, it was discovered that a black notebook,http://ele115.seesaa.net, above the dense record of many people's name, address and family lives. That's when he used the mountains and the countryside, the local situation of hardship under the written order to keep helping track progress.
May 2009, Chen Sheng-Wei town to tea research, we learned there was a high estates called Luo Shiying's martyred and disabled son dwelling in a low humidity, small size adobe room, coupled with perennial suffering from various diseases, life particularly difficult. Chen Sheng-Wei to visit her home, the difficult situation in detail registered in the book, and on the spot to solve her 1000 yuan for medical expenses,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/topism/s-tops-9-topism.html, the town also asked the Home Office press her program into rural subsistence allowances. Back to the bureau, Chen Wei sound and the associated staff to conduct special research, according to the policy funding arrangements for her 60 square meters built a red brick tile-roofed house.
May new house, the Luo Shiying carrying poultry thanks to Chen Sheng-Wei. Chen Sheng-Wei politely refused: "The elderly, this is not my personal credit, the state's policy is good!"
"He is very tolerant of the people, very patient, for themselves, their families, colleagues but demanding."
- Colleague commented Chen Sheng-Wei
"Lao Chen to the masses is very tolerant, very patient, for themselves, their families, colleagues but demanding." This is the Hengnan County Civil Affairs Bureau,doudoune moncler pas cher, party secretary full Zhiyong old partner Chen Sheng-wei evaluation.
In August last year, Chen Sheng-Wei, when building the first floor of the hall after the marriage registration and found that a staff member is on an angry masses. One asked, the original name of the people come to marriage counseling, staff will explain the policy three times, this still did not understand the people, the staff one o'clock lost patience, said a few harsh words.
Chen Wei sound very angry, harsh spot accusing staff member: "In some places people do not know, why you can not explain in some detail why not a little more patient attitude better ...... Why not??" The words, staff flushed , and quickly apologized to the name of the masses, and explain policy.
As a Civil Affairs Bureau, there are often a number of relatives and friends came to the door, he would like to apply for subsistence allowances or relief, but he never relent in insisting press scrutiny procedures apply.
Once, one of his organs in the counties as well as the deputy director of an old friend to find him, hoping for his parents in the rural subsistence allowances apply. Chen Sheng-Wei not only to face, but also asked him: "? You know my parents' home situation, there are buildings, color TV fridge, how can such a low protect"
"The Home rescue work to be fair, never let the real need of help poor people suffer." Chen Sheng-Wei often use these words warned colleagues.
On their own, Chen Sheng-Wei is "stingy" draw the name. Every time a business trip, he will pick the most affordable cheapest hotel stay, pick the easiest thing to eat. In 2007, he and two colleagues to Beijing to report work to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. To find a cheap hotel, literally lead the luggage, the street turn over two hours, only to find more than 100 yuan a night's hotel stay. He told his colleagues, "We have to save every penny, poor people can count on help. CIVIL funds should be used in all areas of greatest need, spend most of the people who need to use."
Chen sound Wei Chen Peihuang eyes of 75-year-old father, the son is his pride is dutiful son, but is sometimes "disobedient." In 2009, the county civil affairs bureau to recruit people seven or eight indicators, Chen Peihuang want to say hello to his son, after graduating from college still playing the niece of temporary workers into the tune, the sound Wei Chen obstinately refused.
Over the years, Chen Sheng-Wei has always adhere to the grassroots level. He said the officer is not in bits, the key is for the people to do a number of things.
(Hunan Daily reporter Liu Wentao sand Zhaohua Kuang Yu correspondent Lu Yuan Tan Shun even reported)

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