Whether through the construction of villas relevant departments for approval

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Villa under construction sales presentation panels
Beautiful natural scenery, all kinds of fruit trees between European mountain villa, complete supporting facilities,woolrich sito ufficiale, their houses, when these words are all located together, it is easy to be mistaken for one of the luxury villas in Europe and America.
But in fact, here is the villas Beijing Changping tourist attractions within, and these do not have any property rights villa are foreign sales.
SMS advertising
Mass market tourism resort villa
June 20, a scenic area Chalet sales of advertising messages sent to a reporter's phone.
Contents of this message is tempting: "Great shipo tourist scenic Changping fine huts, 6000-8000 yuan per square meter to send refined decoration, air conditioners, refrigerators, geothermal energy, water home, yard, upscale clubs! residence, pension, vacation resort, invites you to visit. "
Reporter to the identity of the purchaser in accordance with the advertising messages of telephone call in the past, claiming to be a lady salesperson to answer the phone.
After a brief exchanged a few words, the sales staff gave reporters sent a route information, and repeatedly invited reporters to go see: "take it or leave it does not matter, you look at, I think you'll like on here of!"
Site visits
The scenic many wooden villas
July 8,moncler pas cher, according to the sales staff reporter sent to the road map came to South Town, Changping District, at the exit of the highway, a dedicated staff member guides, reporters got into the car.
This name guides sales staff told reporters that their villa called "Mid-goes home", the specific location is the South Town, Changping District, after the mountain village of SGD, at the Mountain scenic area that belongs to the country's triple-A landscape Area.
In crossing into the mountains, the erection of multiple large villas for sale advertising board, which has a few above is the "Mid-goes home" ads, but other advertising board is called "Fairy Tale Village" and "crossing the mountains of sequestration "villa ads.
Ranging from the way people Reporters hurried opening, said:. "The other two villas are not good, the best is that they are two of our family is the first building, there are a lot of problems, we are after construction, so draw their lesson. "
Along the way, the reporter saw a fairy tale Hills Phase II construction site, dozens of huts and villas have been completed in the main, workers are busy carrying on inside and outside decoration. The other one is called chelation crossing the mountains of the villas has been completed, sleek villa patchwork arranged.
Villas to build a total of 280 sets
In the "Mid-cloud living" sales offices, sales personnel Wang answered the phone and they are in the Sales Department Manager Yao warmly received reporters.
Manager Yao pointed out this first position villas located on a large poster map,doudoune parajumpers femme, and told reporters that the construction of villas for a total of 280 sets of wooden villas were built on the mountainside multi-block flat terrain. Then, under the leadership of Manager Yao, the reporter went to a model of inter-field view.
It was a two-story chalet-story, exterior style is entirely modeled on the European architectural style of construction, pointed roofs, wooden houses gives a feeling of exposure to Europe and bucolic.
Inter had not built a model sold
Manager Yao said that this model among a total area of 220 square meters, is divided into two floors. The first floor is the living room, bedroom, kitchen and den, two-story three bedroom and living room divided, all construction of three health four rooms and two living rooms. Electric heating in all rooms to warm, and wood entirely by Canadian imports of spruce and other valuable timber.
"This model has been favored among customers and has sold out, and now can only show you." Manager Yao pointed staff are busy renovated house, said, "These modifications are in accordance with the views of customers carried out."
Out of the model, the Manager Yao pointing to another site nearby, said:. "That place has also been fancy customers, foundation construction is now under way."
Manager Yao According to reports, customers can own land in the fancy design plans by the developer responsible for the construction, "which is more popular abroad customized villa."
Villa charges
Water and electricity charges are by the municipal price children
In the sales office, the Manager Yao detail from a variety of amenities within the villas and future services.
"We build villas in the two artificial lakes, and is expanding road villas inside." Manager Yao said, "To this end we have invested nearly a billion yuan of funds. All future after the completion of the villa, Internet, cable TV ,http://syrup.mints.ne.jp/diary/diary.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=110/, water, electricity and other infrastructure facilities to all households. price charged for all services and municipal charges the same price, because there will never be in the mountains and high fees. "
Manager Yao According to reports, the future will be built villa area clubs and supporting the supermarket to meet the people who live here shopping needs. At the same time, the property will villa full range of services, including home owners to buy each villa greening, cleaning, distribution and other services. However, property costs are very low, only one per year per square meter 7.50.
"At that time, you can in your own villa yard a la carte,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/brandcouture/od-bag-452u.html, a raise and then point poultry, live a pastoral life." Manager Yao said excitedly.
Property Rights
"We belong here, tourism property!"
Speaking villas villa property in question, and salespeople Manager Yao Wang invariably say: "We belong here, tourism property!"
"This belongs to a tourist resort project in Changping District Tourism Bureau focuses on the development." Wang, sales staff said, "When there is only resorts, develop it up. So the Government Tourist Office and our investment attracted, recruited a total of four , the only one to do tourist resorts, leaving the three of us are all building villas. Although we are building villas, but that can be sold is not the traditional sense of the villa, because we belong here villa tourist facilities, So is tourism property. "
Villa manager surnamed Yao took a sales contract further explains: "Our project at the time of the declaration is to build cars that camp is a weekend or holiday city people drive here, living in our car camp this is a state-sponsored tourism project. "
"We are not selling these villas, we just sell the right to use these five decades villas. And you can not buy and we signed sales contracts signed between us is contracted management of the contract. Since we reported the project materials, these villas are like hotel rooms can be rented out as is the matter pertaining to the operation. you can only be contracted by one of these villa, contract period is five years, but is not after you outwardly rental contract operation, we would not care. "Manager Yao expressed.
Reporters saw the share is named "contract" sales agreement stated, the contractor is contracted right to operate a certain chalet, the annual contract fee ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.
Exposes the family property
"Rented from a local 50-year right to use"
"Our developers of this project is a company called Great shipo Tourism Development Company Limited of business, we are actually from this mountain village, the owner of South Town Xinyuan leased land use rights fifty years, from the time from 2008 to 2058. here we build houses, then these villas and land leased to the purchaser equal to fifty years. in fact, we are in the land sublease. "Manager Yao said.
This exposes the Manager Yao, Wang salespeople come up with a proof from the South Village Town SGD issued, the share of proved clearly marked with: "Xinyuan Village will lease more than 1,600 acres of mountain tourism development to large shipo Ltd., the lease term is 50 years ...... land use for agricultural land use projects and government project ...... "
Staff member surnamed Wang said: "The land is rented in the village, the villagers can go to the village to work in the villa, so the villagers will not have any views on land issues; Great shipo Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is the local tourism bureau and government investment attracted here to buy a house to live in is no problem at all. "
Unexpected discovery
Villa built in the area of Public Welfare
At Reporters ready to leave this place when the villa was erected in the street attracted piece of stone with bright red paint on a piece of stone written in large letters: "National Forest in key protected area", in this stone around, one after another, the villa was built.
Text / reporter TIME feature articles
Problems have not been township planning department for approval of land tenure
& Nbsp; & nbsp,http://www.alternativaa.com.br/socialt/blog.php?user=2777&blogentry_id=2709292; & nbsp; & nbsp,http://www.xmarks.com/s/site/www.tadayumi.sakura.ne.jp/apeboard_plus.cgi/; South Town Government Office staff said
Villa no property purchase risk
In a national Triple-A level scenic villa development and be able to sell it? After leaving Big shipo tourist attractions, the situation in respect of area villas reporter interviewed the relevant departments.
Three questions
Developers have claimed Villa "tourism property," people are not familiar with this term, in the end is how is it?
● District Tourism Bureau
We first heard Tourism Property
Since the developer has repeatedly claimed that the villa belongs to the "tourist property" and said it was the Changping District Tourism Bureau approved the project, then the Changping District Tourism Bureau What is this argument?
Reporters call the Changping District Tourism Bureau, travel confirmation to the council office on the issue of property rights.
"Tourism Property? I really was the first time I heard!" Tourism Bureau office staff surnamed Zhao Changping District answered the phone was surprised to say, "For the big tourist sights shipo we'd know that there is indeed a scenic spot,canada goose solde, but for Scenic Area building wooden villas that we know nothing about this issue that we are not sure,http://kiffainfo.net/spip.php?article12709, but I can responsibly say that we did not approve what tourism property, but did not approve the construction of wooden villas. "
Beijing Longan Law Firm lawyer analysis Yinfu Jiang said, does not exist so-called "tourist property" is in our legislation, just a vendor to get out of a gimmick, like the sale of "small property room" "rural property" same.
Once the houses are demolished or invalidate a contract, the buyers are likely to lead to a greater risk. Now a serious lack of integrity of the system, the implementation remains difficult, and finally even deserve to buy a house are difficult to obtain, is likely to be down the drain, not to talk about what to expect gains up.
"Tourism Property" villa life of 50 years, foreign sales for compliance?
● South Town Village NZ
Villa belongs to the temporary building is not illegal
July 14, reporters question on wooden villas telephone interview with South Town Xinyuan village committee, the village committee staff member surnamed Zhang answered reporters' questions.
According to Zhang staff, land located several large villas shipo tourist attractions within the village they are used, the whole scenic area around the large shipo about two acres, the land owned by the village of NZ all.
Several wooden villa land area include Mid-goes home,http://www.health8.com/cgi-bin/yybbs/yybbs.cgi, including fairy Villa are these companies in the form of lease rental from NZ village to go, the age of fifty years.
When it comes to foreign sales of these huts for compliance, the staff member said: "These are all temporary wooden building in our land will not go up to build a permanent building violations, so these huts are not illegal."
When it comes to levels of government town, district of the attitude of these chalet, staff member surnamed Zhang said: "The township two levels of government are aware of these huts, and township leaders also visited to these huts, but these huts have not legal procedures it wants. "
Whether through the construction of villas relevant departments for approval, consumers purchase a risk?
● South Town Government
Buy chalet risk
South Town staff asked whether government offices in the know there are plenty of wooden villas within a large scenic area SGD shipo village when clear: "Xinyuan Village, I know, but scenic spot in the chalet our group did not know. "
The staff told reporters that the building where the villa without planning department approval of the township, the land tenure is certainly problematic.
The staff member also said that all the villas do not have property there, even a small property room are not. This chalet There is a certain risk for later.
  look deep into
Resorts is supposed to build "car camp"
Through in-depth investigation, the reporter was removed to obtain a copy of the Changping District government issued tenders in 2008, as well as some related tender documents. It is these files, which makes large wooden villas shipo tourist attractions within mushroomed standing up.
According to these documents show, Changping District in 2008 had to organize a tender to many tourist attractions in Changping district land is changed to "entertainment sites" in the hope of attracting investment in the form of a number of tourism enterprises with the development of the area, in the area Some tourist resort in the construction of infrastructure, to enhance the taste and the reception capacity of scenic, scenic area is one big shipo this tender is an important project.
Documents show that in the large shipo tourist attractions, Changping District, ready to build multiple "car camp," This car is a holiday camp in the form of foreign, it is to have a private car at home scenic drive to the family holiday can lease area within of a villa holiday, check out and leave after the holidays, in the form and stay the same hotels. Successful business needs under the provisions of the tender documents, construction of car camps, and enable it to normal operations, enhance the local tourism hardware facilities.
Reporters also see in these documents, the entire tender documents to be copied to the district government's Changping District, the Tourism Bureau, the Planning Board, the South Town Government departments, and these sectors are also the tender management department.
But in fact, be attracted to include "Great shipo Tourism Development Company Limited,http://www.cecyteo.edu.mx/site/index.php," the number of enterprises in the scenic area has many villas built, the name of "contract management" under the guise of actually selling these villas fifty on the right use. Once the five decades tenure expires,http://periscopewebvideo.com/user/166447/fbconnect, we can continue to renew with the owner of the land by the purchaser, continue to live here.
Extending the investigation
Public forest area built villa has been questioned
Before the end of the interview, villas erected next to the piece labeled "National Forest in protected areas," the stone once again attracted the reporter's attention.
Reporters learned from the national forestry administrations, National Forest in the definition refers to the ecological and social benefits as the main function, delineated in accordance with relevant state regulations, approved by the Public Welfare announced and signed a protocol of forests, trees and should woodland, including shelterbelts and special purpose forests.
At the same time the relevant national legislation also stipulates that a National Forest in principle, production and business activities; two three national public forest without destroying the ecological functions that can legally rational use of forest resources to carry out appropriate forest business activities and non-wood forest resources and its utilization.
Seen in this light, regardless of the national public forest large shipo tourist attractions belong to which level within the public forest, woodland are not allowed in this building wooden houses or engage in business activities,doudoune moncler pas cher, but why are there so many wooden villa appear in this forest it?
Staff Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau of Letters and Visits Office gave this answer: "For this phenomenon, administration is stepping up inspection efforts, managed in accordance with law." Text / reporter TIME feature articles
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